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TallyPrime Release Notes

Release Notes – TallyPrime Release 1

  • TallyPrime gives you a simple and consistent experience, along with ease of discoverability of features across.

  • As you launch TallyPrime, the new splash screen reflects the product identity while you wait for the application to open.

On the Fly Access | Go To/Switch To

  • The Go To feature in TallyPrime facilitates ease of navigation from anywhere in the product and helps you to handle any interruptions or ad-hoc activities without moving out of your current work. You can view any of your reports on the fly or create and alter masters, or even record a transaction by using Alt+G (Go To).

  • Similarly, Switch To allows ease of navigation to a different task like creating your masters, voucher or viewing the reports, especially when you have completed your current task.

Consistent & Easy Interactions

  • Buttons & Shortcuts: Right buttons, inline buttons, and keyboard shortcuts are harmonized across masters, transactions and reports for a consistent experience across the product. Hidden shortcut keys have been implemented across several areas to all