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E-Commerce with Complicated Accounting

Digital Era has arrived and almost took over the traditional businesses. Everyone is running towards online business.

Are we ready for online business accounting and associated compliances?

With the online businesses, accounting and compliances are getting tough and difficult to understand. Margins with the businesses are not too high to hire big bucks professionals and reach is very limited.

E-Commerce Returns and frauds by customers??

Online Accounting is not at all difficult or impossible. Proper guidance and planning with appropriate accounting software can save the day and coming days. As a Tally Certified Partner we have helped more than 200 E-Commerce businesses for their smooth business accounting. With continuous efforts and practice, our managerial tools helps in identifying the business working and prevents the unforeseen losses due to excess returns, online frauds by customers, difficult to raise tickets and claims from marketplaces, etc

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!!

Profitability is always in question with online business and we have been helping business units in understanding the gap areas and how they can focus and perform well. With the help of proper accounting software and entering each and every transaction in the accounting software helps in analyses the business transactions and aspects related to digital business. For any support from accounting software to accountants, we have perfect solutions available.

We understand business and helps in automation to the core:

- Office Stationery

- IT- Peripherals

- Computer Hardware, Software

- Accounting Software

- Accounting and Legal Services



Keshav Jain

Jayna India Pvt Ltd

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